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It's very easy to overlook the importance of keeping your guttering system cleaned and well maintained. If your gutters are blocked, water will find other ways down from your roof, causing damage to fascia boards and costly water ingression into your home.

Also the extra weight of the material in the gutters often leads to them pulling away from their fixings altogether. This can all be avoided if you have your guttering system regularly checked and cleaned.

Gutter Cleaning

Date 23/05/2010

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We remove all the old cement and verge from down the edges of your gables and re-verge, rebed and repoint them. As well as serving the purpose of keeping the tiles on you roof, it really does add to the finish of the installation.

Re-Verging and Re-Pointing.

Date 04/05/2011

The omission of support to the felt at eaves level allows the felt to sag. This can allow any water finding its way underneath the tiles to collect and cause a problem known as ponding. Left undetected this water can discharge behind the fascia which causes premature wood rot and potential damage to ceilings.



Fascia Protection

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